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The words nursing and human are in close proximity. Nursing prevails all through where human being exists. Since there is no abrogation for human being; nursing has eternal life. Mentoring in nursing is very essential and we are for it. Nursing is being enlarged due to the advent of modem technologies in medicine and other sciences.

Farsightedness is very essential to take the nursing profession to the front line in the health care delivery system. Higher degree of creativity and innovative concepts from the nursing leaders are essential to visualize new programmes in nursing for new opportunities. The perspective of nursing education has widely enlarged to suite the society needs. So the scope of nursing education is quite encouraging and meaningful for professional nurses.


The College believes in training professional nurses from all states ofIndia to meet the great challenges ofservice in the field ofnursing. Professional nursing is a life-long service to the people and nursing must advance alongwith other health professions, if society is to be assured of a balance situation and problems critically and take responsibility for their higher education for maximum professional effectiveness throughout their career. Furthermore, the College believes in a system of nursing education that fits in with the changing educational patterns of the country to meet the health needs ofthe society.


1. To provide a broad-based education for preparation of nursing personnel at both basic and advanced levels who can function in a wide variety of Health Care setting and make their distinctive contribution in all branches of nursing for promotion of health, prevention of diseases, care during illness and maintenance of positive health.

2. To prepare a corps of well-qualified nurses for leadership positions to assume responsibilities in nursing and to do pioneer work of a creative nature for the development of human and scientific health care system.

3. To promote the deeper study of nursing with a view to generate new perspectives, and about innovative approaches to deal with problems encountered in nursing and health field.

4. To maintain a centre of excellence for the pursuit of higher studies in nursing and act as a pace-setting institution to strive to give direction to nursing, to serve better to the contemporary and future needs of nursing development.

Bhaarath College of nursing is recognized by the Govt ofTamilnadu approved by Tamilnadu Nursing Council and Indian Nursing Council, New Delhi and affiliated to Tamilnadu Dr MGR Medical University, Chennai. Bhaarath College ofnursing is one ofthe prestigious colleges in Palani, Tamilnadu. In the year 2008, V C Medical & Educational Charitable Trust emerged out in Palani, under the eminent leadership ofyoung, dynamic, qualified and enthusiastic trustees. Dr. K.VELUSWAMY and Dr. S.CHANDRALEKHA, who dedicated their lives to impart the core of professionalism in Nursing courses. The trust initiated the Nursing education with Diploma in General Nursing & Midwifery in 2008 and added another feather to the cap ie. B. Sc Nursing course in 2011.